Like a glove

Catch On offers flexible solutions that are custom tailored to each client's fact InterAct is so easy to manipulate that it simplifies the handling of social conversations and reducing Customer Service interactions.

Social Customer Service

Social Business is a new term, but in essence really, it is just pure Customer Service mixed with PR, Social Media and a pinch of Marketing.

The platform is equipped as well with the conventional administration capabilities such as posting messages to facebook / Twitter / Youtube and is a great tool for both small and large businesses to deliver their Marketing efforts in a timely and scheduled fashion.

Catch On's InterAct approach to Social Media is different: It helps your company deliver your Customer Service efforts where it actually matters - focus and regroup everyone.

Customer on the go

InterAct is the perfect tool in today's market where the "customers are on the go".

Businesses need to be present alongside their client...and that is for now mainly on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The role of Social Media is first and foremost the voice of your customer - are you ready to InterAct?

About Catch On

With the growing presence of customers across social media - Catch On is starting a new suite of programs that will help businesses keep in touch with their customers on the go.

The Wilmington based company specialises in custom tailored applications for conventional channels such as Email, chat and website but also Social Media.

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