About Us

Nowadays business of all kind are internet based and so it is imperative to be online virtually 24 X 7. Online presence is essential! This is the venue for customers and brands; customers can compare between many brands and choose the one that suits their needs.

Studies show that social media presence outruns websites. Social media is definitely a must-have!! And once you are there, you need to let people know about this! A good management of your social media demands the appropriate tool in order to save time, to detect in real time discussion about your brand wich can provide you insights about your activity and how to get better each day.

Your customers want to be heard. Want to get closer to your loyal followers or win over your detractors? Our product can help you keep your ear to the ground.
There are millions of conversations taking place online. Many of them may concern your brand, your industry, your competitors, your customer needs or dissatisfactions, congaing clues for you to improve your services, your products. Customer service can be a differentiator but only if you listen, absorb, understand and take the right action. In order to get better each day, you have to pay attention to this conversations. We can help you do that in an effective way.

But it doesn't stop with social listening. People need their voices to be heard and expect some kind of reply from your company. This is how we see things and we try to make it easy for you to reply on Twitter, Facebook & more. Getting in touch with your audience is now just a click away.

An effective tool who 'listens', can help you turn an irate customer into a brand ambassador.