Social Media Solutions

One of the newest ways for using the web to communicate. Social media can be interpreted in many ways:

  • we sign an NDA and a MSA
  • you tell us what your needs are
  • we give you a proposal
  • you value our proposition
  • we then design and develop
  • your solution then goes through quality assurance
  • launch of Version 1.0
  • more quality assurance
  • final product launched upon acceptance
  • we offer support and maintenance

With this in mind, businesses can take advantage of this playground, if they have the right tools. There are many ready built tools out there, just to name a few: Radian6, Sysomos, SocialMetrix and about 200 others.

What is important to understand is that:

  • The social sphere has changed the shape of customer relationships
  • Consumers wield increasing power and influence over your brand
  • A great customer experience is at the root of customer satisfaction
  • Complaints on the social web can turn into PR problems in a matter of hours

For this, we have created a few tools that can help you take control over Facebook and Twitter. Our apps, help you have that advantage and interract with your clients across the social media platforms.