Social Media is here to stay, that's why your business must be involved in conversations.

Catch On's mission is to make its customers the world's most successful social media marketers.Our goal is to automate most of a social media marketer's monotonous work: finding insights, detecting influencer mentions, detecting trending stories, pointing target markets, hinting engaging content to post, highlighting prospects.

Your customers want to be heard. Want to get closer to your loyal followers or win over your detractors? Our product can help you keep your ear to the ground.
There are millions of conversations taking place online. Many of them may concern your brand, your industry, your competitors, your customer needs or dissatisfactions, containg clues for you to improve your services, your products. Customer service can be a differentiator but only if you listen, absorb, understand and take the right action. In order to get better each day, you have to pay attention to this conversations. We can help you do that in an effective way.

Catch On supports organizations to create relevant, effective and engaging experiences with their audience in order to reinforce business commitment.

Here, at Catch On, our purpose is to help grow your business by providing you with the appropriate tool!