CRM Software

CRM - Customer relationship management

CRM was always hot and will always be. Why? because it is just that kind of application that helps a business organize its clients data. We think this is THE most important aspect in a company.

In most cases, data inside the CRM is accessed by employee but also clients. Your clients interact with your employees all the time, thus the info needs to be made available - in a secur area - as close to realtime as possible.

In a few words, all strategies, policies, business rules and procedures coexist inside the CRM.

The CRM, can be sucessful after a perfect understanding of how your business runs, and who accesses the data. Here at Catch On, we aim to work with you as early as possible to get your business off the ground.

  • Business analysis
  • OpenSource integration, configuration and customization of your CRM
  • Custom CRM building
  • Compatibility checks between your CRM and 3rd Party apps.